Hello, I'm Irit Franko and this is my portfolio of product design.

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What i believe in

Empathy is at the heart of my design process, as I deeply understand the needs and wants of the users and prioritize them.

A visionary product designer
With a passion to turn concepts into reality, I design a product driven by innovation and creativity.
I believe that exceptional design is at the intersection of aesthetics and functionality, and my portfolio presents the perfect fusion between the two.
I thrive in collaborative environments, embracing diverse perspectives to create truly groundbreaking solutions.

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What do I do best?

Art in detail
Meticulous attention to detail is evident in every project, as I strive for flawless execution in every aspect of my designs.
Innovative problem solver see challenges as opportunities for innovation, and my portfolio reflects my ability to provide unique and effective solutions.
Passionate about impact Creating products that leave a positive impact on people's lives is what drives me, and my work is a testament to that commitment.
Let's build the extraordinary I am excited to be part of visionary projects that push the boundaries of product design. Let's collaborate and build something extraordinary together.


Customer websites

BE1 Defense Technologies and Solutions.

Characterization and redesign of an existing website in the WIX platform integration

My UX/UI Design

Berlin's largest food festival

Characterization, research, and design of an app for Smart home device holders


GetGanan App

Intrapreneur ,Characterization, research, and design of an app for Using and optimizing a gardener's working method.


Smart Home App

Characterization, research, and design of an app for Smart home device holders.


Digital Library Web

Characterization, research, and design of an WEB for Using and optimizing a Students' use and help in the academic library